2012 was a year filled with plenty of memorable moments.  Climbing Mount Rainier was a highlight along with many others.  It’s hard to narrow them all down into one post so here are just a few.

1- Sleeping on Ingraham Glacier the night before our summit to the top of Mount Rainier

Mt Rainier- Ingraham Flats


2- Kayaking to El Archo in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

El Archo


3- Soaking in the sunshine on the beach at Steamboat Rock

Steamboat Rock


4- Backpacking over Memorial Day Weekend in a remote part of Eastern Washington

Memorial Day Camping


5- Lounging in the summertime with a cold beer at Owasco Lake, NY

Owasco Lake


6- Seeing hundreds of starfish on a hike to Cape Alva on the Olympic Peninsula

Cape Alva


7- Enjoying a sunny afternoon at Gasworks Park in Seattle, WA

Gasworks park


8- Watching a sunset then roasting marshmallows by campfire at Golden Gardens Park

Golden Gardens Sunset


9- Picking blueberries while enjoying the vibrant fall colors on Granite Mountain

Granite Mt


10- Seeing several cotton fields on a road trip across North Carolina

Cotton Field


11- Collecting seashells and watching dolphins swim by at Caladesi Island.

Caladesi Island, FL


12- Relishing in the beauty of Palouse Falls in Southeastern Washington

Palouse Falls

About jingerventures

Travelling is one of my many passions. I love to get out and explore everywhere I live and visit.

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  1. Laura says:

    I was definitely there for #8 and it’s one of my favorite moments of 2012 too! 🙂
    (I think my sunburn and I were there for #7 too…)

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