Finding an uncrowded beach during Spring Break in Florida is a tough feat unless you visit Caladesi Island north of Tampa.  The only ways onto the island are by ferry or personal watercraft.  On a busy day the ferry can bring about 400 people to the island. Since it has 3 miles of a white sandy beach, there is plenty of space to find a relaxing spot to soak in the sun.

We went to Caladesi Island for my mother’s birthday.  She loves searching for seashells at the beach and this island was abundant with them.  The calm and crystal blue waters made it easy for us to find some keepers.  A pod of dolphins swam by a few hundred feet away.  It was a perfect day at the beach and my mom walked away with a bag full of shells.

Caladesi Island State Park has a nature trail to explore and kayak rentals available for cruising through the mangroves.  It can be a little expensive getting to the island.  Parking a vehicle for more than one person on Honeymoon Island is $8 and the round trip ferry ride is $14 per adult.  It was well worth it on a day like this.

looking out to the Gulf of Mexico

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  1. Jack Thies says:

    Good Trip Jing, One with lots of SUN and warm weather. Hope you didn’t get too burnt up.

  2. Joyce says:

    Yes! What an amazing place to go where there is only white sand, clear waters and blue sky. Also was a short walk from boat dock to bath house and onto the beach. We will go again

  3. I am heading to that area next month, so these pictures are just what I needed! Beautiful shots. Thanks!

  4. Looks like the place I envision when I get overwhelmed with word – lovely shots!

  5. […] 11- Collecting seashells and watching dolphins swim by at Caladesi Island. […]

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