Jinger in the Cave

It’s hard to stay dry these days in the Northwest, so why not embrace it with a Wet & Wild Spelunking Adventure?  One soggy weekend we explored the Horne Lake Caves on Vancouver Island.  I wasn’t nervous exploring these caves until our petite tour guide, Carol warned us of some tight spots.  Tight spots?!  My 5’9 frame towered over her.  She must be no more than 100 lbs soaking wet!  If Carol has trouble getting through some of these caves, then I know I will.

Ladder in and out

Our guide led us through three of the many caves in the area; the Riverbend Cave, Main Cave and the Lower Cave.  All of the caves offered sights of delicate calcite formations also known as speleothems.  Some of which were called drapery, soda straws, mashed potatoes, popcorn and bacon strips.


There were a few that formed animal shapes like an alligator and this one below of a wolf guarding the entrance to the Riverbend cave.

Wolf guarding the entrance

Here’s one shaped like Buddha next to a reflection pool.


If you want to go caving without a guide, the Main Cave is open to the public.  Make sure to take a helmet and headlamp for your own safety.  Carol pointed out one formation called the “can opener” which got the name after a one guy decided to venture into the caves without a helmet.  Needless to say that caver learned his lesson after nearly removing his scalp from the crown of his head. Yeowch!

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