camp at Glacier Lake

On a backpacking trip this summer we lucked out with an awesome spot to camp next to Glacier Lake.  About 5 and a half miles in from US 2, the lake created a completely serene setting for us to get away for the weekend.  The trail crossed Surprise Creek several times and wound through old growth forest filled with massive trees.

Old growth tree

In the middle of the night we woke to the sky bursting with bright stars.  We climbed out of our tent to soak in the view.  The Big Dipper was positioned perfectly at the edge of the lake with its mirrored image reflecting off the water.

Big Dipper Reflection

If you want to check this hike out, visit the WTA website.  You’ll have to wait a few months for summer and the snow to melt.

cool flower

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  1. Kathryn says:

    That does sound amaxing, both the walk to get there and the lake itself. Lovely to see the big dipper reflected like that.

  2. Jodi Black says:

    That photo of the Big Dipper over the lake is amazing!

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