me in Prague's Old Town SquarePrague’s Old Town Square is known for it’s history, amazing architecture and the world famous Astronomical Clock.  We were surprised to find so many tasty treats from local vendors around the square.  Here are five of our favorites that we went back to several times during our visit and would definitely recommend you give a try.

1- Trdelnik.  Let’s start with dessert!  Our first clue that these toasted slinky looking pastries were going to be sweet were all the bees swarming around the stands.  The dough was a perfect blend of crispy and soft with sugar, almonds and walnuts sprinkled all over.  A few bees followed us away from the stand to continue munching on our trdelnik, but I shooed them away before they ate too much.

2- Grilled Cheese. Now you may be thinking what could be so great about grilled cheese? I’m not sure the type of cheese this is but I do know that it is unlike any cheese I’ve had before.  It’s a harder cheese shell with softer cheese in the middle.  They press these “pockets” of cheese into perfect portion sizes and grill them right in front of you.  They serve the cheese on top of a slice of bread, which is not necessary since the cheese is so flavorful by itself.  I lost count how many we ordered while in Prague and have dreamed about them ever since.

3- Peasant Potatoes.  Served at multiple vendor huts in so many different ways.  One stand had a massive skillet which the cooks kept adding ingredients to it while it continuously cooked.   Another stand had smaller skillets with several types of mixtures. Some with sausage, cheese, ham, peppers and onions with different sauces.  They all smelled so good and the ones we tried tasted awesome.  They do charge by weight so make sure they don’t load too much on your plate.

4- Potato Chips.  These light and crispy chips were served in a paper cone and fun to eat.  They went great with a Pilsner Urquell which you can find pretty much everywhere you go in Prague.

5- Ham.  They slow roast these massive hams over a wood-fire and slice off a huge chunk when ordered.  They also charge by weight so be prepared to empty your wallet and fill your belly!


The Hotel Lippert, in the heart of the Old Town Square is a great place to stay to explore Prague’s tasty treats. They have awesome views overlooking the bustling square. We have so many good memories from the short time we visited and definitely want to go back to explore more.

Overlooking the Old Town Square

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  1. […] 14- Our view over Prague’s Old Town Square looking towards the Tyn Chruch may have been the best view out of all the hotels we stayed in Europe.  Here is a picture of how it looks just after sunrise and before the square fills with vendors and tourists.  We had the best food in this square.  Two words: Grilled Cheese! […]

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