Germany's Highest Biergarten2Finding a Biergarten in Bavaria is like finding a Starbucks in Seattle.  There are plenty of them!  Since Oktoberfest is going on right now in Munich, I thought I would celebrate by remembering a few Biergartens we visited on our recent trip to Bavaria.  Josh and I spent a few days in Munich and a couple days in the town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen near the Austrian border.  From what I can remember, we visited at least six different Biergartens.

The Chinesischer Turm (The Chinese Tower) is the second largest Biergarten in Munich and can seat more than 7,000 people.  It’s hidden away from the hustle and bustle of the city in the Englischer Garten.  A couple liters of Dunkel Bier (dark beer) paired with a Schweinshaxn (roasted pork knuckle) was heavenly for our taste buds.

At the north end of the Englischer Garten, the Seehaus Biergarten sits right on the shore of the Kleinhesseloher See.  The setting is so serene with swans swimming and paddle boats coasting by.  We were lucky to find a spot right next to the water.

One of the most famous German breweries is the Hofbrauhaus in Munich.  While it is technically not a Biergarten, they do have one set up.  We had our healthy share of a few liters of dark beer with a side of schnitzel.

The Viktulienmarkt Biergarten in the heart of the market was right next to where we stayed at the Hotel Am Markt.  It was a little too convenient for us beer lovers.

Just to show you how serious and passionate Germans are with beer, they built the highest Biergarten in Germany on the highest peak in Germany. The Zugspitze at 9,718 feet above sea level sits right next to the border of Austria.  We took the Zugspitzbahn from Garmisch-Partenkirchen then a gondola to the top.  Hundreds of peaks and several alpine lakes formed a spectacular view of the Alps.  A Lowenbrau with an apple strudel at this elevation made the experience much sweeter!

This last Biergarten is technically not a Biergarten either.  We stayed at the Riessersee Resort right on the lake.  They served beer at the swimming area so of course we grabbed a few bottles.  Sunny skies, cool water and the surrounding mountains created the perfect setting to enjoy some brews in between refreshing dips in the lake.  The dock was at just the right height like a swim up bar at an all inclusive resort.  Spending time here is one of my favorite memories of our entire trip to Bavaria.  It was magical!

So many Biergartens and we did not have enough time to visit all of them.  I’m sure our liver appreciates that we paced ourselves!  If you want to check out a Biergarten on your next trip to Munich in the summertime you can find a list by clicking here.  Cheers… or Prost!


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