Guinea Pig for dinnerYes, we ate guinea pig in Cusco, Peru. It’s known as cuy, a popular Peruvian dish.  Josh and I had to try it. Even though it cliché to say, it really tasted like chicken.  While eating I tried to imagine farmers herding these cute and cuddly critters.  It didn’t bother me as much as I thought it would.  Must have been the Cusquena?

Cusquena Cervesa- Cheers!

Many visitors to Machu Picchu travel through Cusco and use the high elevation (over 11,000 ft above sea level) to acclimate before hiking the Inca Trail.  We took advantage of those days to explore the city as much as we could before our trek.

Hills of Cusco, Peru

The elaborate architecture around the city was breathtaking.  Cusco’s Cathedral in the main square is one good example.

Catedral de Cusco

We made sure to visit the famous Twelve-Angle Stone which demonstrates the Incas construction skills in carefully placing these massive stones.

Twelve-Angle Stone- count 'em!

The main square is home to plenty of good restaurants that have more than guinea pig on the menu.  We had delicious quinoa risotto, alpaca steaks, Andean cheese and more.

When we returned home we bought a huge bag of quinoa to make dishes that remind us of our visit.  They never turn out as good.  I guess we have to keep trying or just plan another trip back.  I like the idea of another trip back!

Plaza de Armas

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