Strong wind blew sand everywhere as a storm threatened to end our tour early at Antelope Canyon.  Flash floods are frequent in this area of Arizona and our guide rushed us out of the canyon before the rain began to pour.

We managed to get a few good pictures before the storm.  While flash floods are dangerous, they do act like paintbrushes sweeping through the canyons. Water, wind and sand create majestic formations.

Antelope Canyon has attracted photographers from around the world to capture its beauty.  Peter Lik is one of my favorite photographers with amazing shots on display in galleries around the country.  Dozens of people were in the canyon on our tour, which made it difficult to get good pictures.  Tours are available for serious photographers to go at times when the lighting is perfect and crowds are limited.

If you want to check out these amazing canyons, head Northeast of the Grand Canyon towards Page, Arizona.  There are plenty of tour operators for you to choose from in the Navajo Nation.


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  1. bendiful says:

    Ohhhh Jinger this is really beautiful!

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