Crisp, fresh air surged through my lungs as I maintained control of my breathing 6 miles into the Whidbey Island Half Marathon.  The spectacular views of the Olympic Mountains were a wonderful distraction for the two mile stretch along Pioneer Way.  I was in the groove and running at a good pace.  Bald Eagles soared above the trees.  Gentle waves crashed onshore a few yards from the route.  The slight breeze was enough to keep me cool as I ran on.  Mentally and physically I was still focused on this half of the race yet I was ready to move on to the next half.

I chose the Whidbey Island Half Marathon because I’ve heard from many people who say it is a beautiful course.  In 2010 it was listed in Lonely Planet’s Top Ten Places to Run a Marathon.  The weather was perfect for race day and from what I hear much nicer than the windy, rainy weather they had in 2011.

I charged on as the miles continued to melt away.  Then the mile 12 marker came into view.  I picked up my pace.  A little over a mile left.  That is nothing compared to what I’ve just completed.  I could feel the finish line getting closer.  I turned the corner into Windjammer Park and sprinted into the finish line with a time of 1:57:24, beating my time from last year.  Relief rushed over me.  My feet and calves were burning yet I felt amazing.

I’ve run several long distance races before; marathons and half marathons and this one will be remembered as one of my favorites.  I placed pretty well too.  I made it in the top 15% of all women finishers.  My race number was 1717 and I placed 17th out of 136 women 30-34 years of age. I guess 17 is my new lucky number!

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Travelling is one of my many passions. I love to get out and explore everywhere I live and visit.

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  1. Jack Thies says:

    Good Job Jing. We are proud of you.

  2. Dan says:

    I have yet to hit up the Pacific Northwest for a race and after your descriptions, this one made the short list. Great recap – succinct and a joy to read. Congratulations!

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