The unpredictable weather on Mount Rainier did not stop us from making the drive from Seattle for a hike.  We knew it was only a matter of time before all the wildflowers would be covered with snow.  Once we got to Paradise Visitors Center at Mount Rainier National Park, the fog was very thick.

Quite different from when we visited on the 4th of July.  Back then we stomped up the snow filled hill unaware that a trail lay about 10 feet beneath us.  See the difference? Rainier July vs Oct 2011 copy

This time, on the first of October, the snow had melted and flowers were in bloom.  Even with the thick and gloomy fog, the wildflowers were vibrant.  Wildflowers

We hiked above the tree line and we found a clearing in the fog, which made us feel as if we were sandwiched between two clouds.  The break revealed some glaciers and a waterfall in the distance only for a few minutes before getting socked in again.


It’s amazing how volatile the weather is up on the mountain, which gives it plenty of personality.  Make sure to be prepared for any conditions when visiting Mount Rainier National Park.

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Travelling is one of my many passions. I love to get out and explore everywhere I live and visit.

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